• By Claire Trickett
  • 19 July 2017

15 animals you have to see

Be sure to include these top 15 wildlife encounters on your Africa bucket list…

Simply setting foot on the vast African continent and enjoying an African luxury safari is bucket list experiences that top most people’s lists. Wanderlust travellers the world over want to witness the famous Big Five roaming free in its natural habitat, make friends with the Maasai or build a fire with a Bushman, get back to nature and breathe in the fresh air, gaze upon an impossibly starry sky and let the African soil leave traces of dust on the soles of their shoes … and unforgettable memories in their minds.

It’s all about adventure, exploration, education and meaningful experiences that enrich and leave a lasting impression on our souls. Most of all, it is the extraordinary African wildlife that truly steals the show … and our hearts. To witness a towering giraffe in all its long-legged, long-lashed glory or to hear an enormous elephant trumpet or a mighty male lion roar for the first time is truly life-changing, there’s no denying it.

The animal kingdom continues to delight and intrigue, and with that in mind, here are our Top 15 wildlife encounters to put on your Africa bucket list.

1. Track mighty gorillas on mist-covered mountain slopes Read more:

2.Cheer on turtle hatchlings as they brave their way to sea Read more

3. Foster an orphaned elephant Read more.

4. Witness the unique scales of the elusive pangolin Read more.

5. Kiss a giraffe Read more.

6. Follow in the footsteps of the great migration Read more

7. Aid in the conservation of the endangered rhino Read more

8. Collar a sleeping elephant for research and monitoring purposes Read more

9. Mingle with the Mahale chimpanzees Read more

10. Swim with dolphins on the shores of a private island Read more

11. Cage dive amidst great white sharks Read more

12. Waddle with penguins in South Africa’s mother city Read more

13. Marvel at the curious antics of the aardvark Read more

14. Catch a glimpse of an endangered ader’s duiker Read more

15. Spot sea-dwelling dugongs from the air Read more


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